Chiara Ferragni’s Wallpaper Facelift

When style icon Chiara Ferragni shared a selfie in front of her new bathroom wallpaper, one thing became instantly clear; statement wallpaper is the new bathroom must have.

The snap, that she shared today to her 7.1 million followers, is of the bathroom in her new LA adobe, proving that the days of boring bathrooms are long gone.

She sourced her wallpaper from Fashion Formula, a UK based company that digitally prints wallpapers, fabrics, gift wraps and accessories in its London factory.


The incredibly innovative company allows you to either upload your own design or choose from its constantly growing collection of designs. Once you have picked your design you then select the product and quantity you would like to purchase.

The products are then produced to your exact requirements and delivered in 5 – 10 days. You can even order re-positional wallpaper that you can put on yourself. DIY has never been so easy or fabulous.

The products are of the highest quality, and there is no minimum order.


“We were thrilled when Chiara approached us”, explains co-founder Alex Wills, who is a third-generation textile printer and manufacturer with over 10 years experience in digital textile printing.

“At Fashion Formula we are all about creating bespoke designs that perfectly represent you, so for Chiara we had to go for something exuding Italian glamour, with a hint of LA coolness.

The result was the banana palm leaves, designed by Ojardin and inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel. It is so glamorous and the perfect fit for one of the most stylish women in the world,” he continues.


Fashion Formula launched last year with the goal of injecting the traditional world of textiles with a whole lot of fun, creativity and accessibility.

What is so amazing about this company, other than how quickly and simply you can purchase personalised textiles, is that if you upload a design and someone else buys it, you will earn up to 20 % of the total sales as a commission.

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