“Funiverse” in the Nordic Space Trend Restaurant at Formex

Stepping into the Trend Restaurant is like stepping into Coco Funiverse – a colorful, crackling and slightly crazy world. This is how designers Monika Holmqvist and Theresia Svanholm at Coco Form Studio have interpreted this year’s Formex theme, Nordic Space, with key words like freethinking, outer space and permissive.

“The environment should energize people and make them happy,” explains Monika.

Much of their inspiration has come from amusement parks around the world. “Amusement parks are really good at stimulating all of the senses” and from outer space esthetics.

“We have worked a lot with materials and patterns that shimmer in a rainbow of colors, with stainless steel and perforations,” says Theresia.

Coco Form Studio

Coco Form Studio

The design also simultaneously emphasizes the genuineness that is associated with craftsmanship. Both designers wanted to step away from the current industrial trend.

“There is not one single white wall and we use colors on the surfaces that you might not expect – strong, robust colors. We love color!” declares Monika. They hope this trend will find its way into Swedish homes. Because “colors make people feel better”.

At Formex Trend Restaurant – Nordic Space, visitors will be able to relax and enjoy their meal while being surrounded by an inspiring exhibition.

The trend restaurant is specially built up to every event and an especially composed menu is created – all with the focus on interpreting the trends and the theme of the fair.

For more information: Formex

Photo credit: Coco Form Studio 

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