Beautiful design prints give tweets a second life

With Twitter’s destiny becoming more uncertain by the day – say hello to the Swedish startup Onehundredforty, a service that immortalizes your favourite tweets by turning them into beautiful and unique design prints.


“It might be the worst launch timing for a startup ever given the current chaos at Twitter, or maybe it’s the perfect time for people to start saving and celebrating great tweets”, says co-founder Victor Köhler.


The #1 source of original words Onehundredforty, launching out of Stockholm on October 18, takes the letters of your selected tweet, organises them into a visual grid and turns it all into beautiful and one-of-a-kind design prints.


The idea is to let people preserve the quirky, thought-provoking, cute, personal or brilliant words of Twitter and display them beautifully on their walls.


“Forget books, magazines or blogs – Twitter is THE number one source of original words today. But every day 300 million tweets are posted and their lifespan is less than 18 minutes. There’s way too much magic happening there to just let it die out in an archive – or even worse just disappear in a feed” – Victor Köhler.

The end of mass-produced prints Say goodbye to “Keep calm and…” or half-hearted spiritual quotes. Onehundredforty houses more than 5000 different design outcomes – made by 23 designers from around the world.


That combined with the 300 million tweets sent every day means that each design will be 100% unique and personal.

“You can pick your own words from five years ago, a friend’s old awkwardness, the first tweet you sent to your partner or why not Kanye West’s latest poetry attempt?

You can give it to yourself, as a birthday present, wedding gift, to all your employees or just fill your office walls with what people has written about your startup – the possibilities are endless” – Victor Köhler.


The price

The price is set at $69, but with a release month special of $59.

How does it works?
  1. Choose a tweet
  2. Choose a design
  3. 140 Magic
  4. Buy and share it

Onehundredforty – How it works from Onehundredforty on Vimeo.

The quality

Material: Matt 300 g/m² Scandia 2000 from Lessebo bruk. Printing: Printed with solvent-free, UV-resistant archival inks. Packaging: Numbered and packed by hand in 10cm (3.9”) tubes.

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